Short Sci-fi Tales From Beyond The Sea

Short sci-fi tales from beyond the sea

Anthology of sci-fi & paranormal short stories, Europa & Lighthouse.

Lighthouse‘ is a sci-fi story set in 19th century Canada.

On a remote Canadian island, a lighthouse keeper experiences mysterious lights and a dark presence in the sky.

Fearful of what he’s encountered, he isolates himself and withdraws from his worried colleagues.

Lighthouse short story

As they investigate what’s happened,  an otherworldly discovery shocks them…

Europa short story

Europa‘ is a sci-fi story set on Jupiter’s watery moon.

The terra-forming of Jupiter’s moon Europa, was in its infancy. Some were opposed to the exploitation of another world and they resisted.

As humanity wars with each other,  on and below the surface of the moon, it leads to an amazing discovery. During humanity’s first attempt to adapt to a world that wasn’t home, they run into something unexpected…


The Ghost In The Garden

Ghost In The Garden - link to purchase e-book on Amazon

‘The Ghost In The Garden’ is a paranormal novella.

When Nicola Lawson moves into her new home, she isn’t expecting to be sharing it with one of the previous owners. Let alone, with one who’s been dead for over twenty years.

As she attempts to unravel a secret, she can’t escape the past.

If Nicola tries to alter history, what effect will it have on the present & the future?

Coming Soon

An Angel Falls

An Angel Falls - Coming soonChristmas Eve 1944, A fierce battle is raging in the skies over Manchester, Northern England.

During the chaos, an unusual vehicle crashes to earth. And it’s sole surviving occupant isn’t human.

It has a message that it wants to convey – a warning. Something is headed towards Earth. Something terrifying!

An Angel Ascends

An Angel AscendsThe second world war is coming to a close. During the suspicion and paranoia of the post-war years a new war is looming – A Cold War.

Drawn into this world, a retrieval mission it dispatched to Earth to collect the survivors of an earlier visitation. But humanity is reluctant to surrender its new prize.

Velma Scott & The Curious Case Of The Telepathists

Velma Scott & the curious case of the telepathists - Coming soon

‘Velma Scott and the curious case of the telepathists is a paranormal mystery story.

Velma Scott is a detective. During her investigation into the attempted murder of a newspaper reporter, she discovers that sinister forces are conspiring to protect a disturbing secret. Something which threatens everyone’s way of life.

In a race against time, can she discover what they are trying to cover up and why?

The Courier 

Cabal Series - Book 1

The Courier - Coming soon

‘The Courier’ is a fast-paced espionage thriller set during WW2.

Jacob Modesta, a Portuguese language teacher, is tasked with smuggling footage of Nazi atrocities to the allies. In a make or break mission across Europe he is hunted by a vicious SS officer, who is determined to prevent him succeeding.

An agent is dispatched to protect him en-route. But unknown to them both, the film also depicts a deadly new weapon.

During the course of their mission, they learn that the British government has been compromised & traitors lurk at every turn.

A sudden change of their priorities leads to them being pursed by friends & foes alike. How long can they survive? And what is the origin of this mysterious new super weapon?

The White House Memorandum

Cabal Series - Book 2

The White House Memorandum

‘The White House Memorandum’ is a political crime thriller set  in Cold War America, 1963.

A detective responds to a dispatch call and discovers his estranged brother, murdered. His investigation leads to a mysterious memo, originating from an office in the White House.

Finding himself suddenly  seconded to the state department, he unravels a story of politics,  murder, UFO’s & conspiracy.

The Galbraith Partnership 

Cabal Series - Book 3

The Galbraith Partnership - Coming soon

‘The Galbraith Partnership’ is the final installment of the Cabal series.

Jack Hope’s ongoing investigation leads him into the heart of cold war Europe.

As he attempts to trace the shadowy figures behind the assassination of JFK and their mysterious project, he comes into conflict with their deadly agents.

Will he or humanity survive the startling truths that he uncovers?

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