Is There Life On Europa?

So It Looks Like There May Be Life On Europa After-all

So I was tempted to write something along of the lines of I told you so…And if you’d read my short story, Europa – Well…You’d already know!


Anyway….Scientists have concluded, after years of pouring over data from the Galileo probe launched in the 1990’s that there could indeed be suitable conditions for life on Europa.

For the science nerds out there, you can get a fuller understanding at  There is a link to the article here:

Link to Nature Article

For those of us (definitely including myself here) who have less of a scientific bent, I’ve added links to some layman friendly articles in The Washington Post and the Guardian.

Link to Washington Post Article

Link to Guardian Article

Enjoy and why not read my own short story, Europa?

Alexander Stivaros


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